After attending the Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference in Portland last month, I felt motivated, excited (frightened) and ready to begin working hard on my own writing path. I was awed by the talented writers, speakers, volunteers that desired to help others on the path of publishing. Now I need to follow up on the many suggestions to move forward. One of those tasks is this…setting up a blog.

The problem that has occurred…life. My daughter had a new baby. My father needs me to travel with him out of state. My husband needs me to tend to a multitude of daily responsibilities. My sons need a babysitter. My prayer group needs my leadership and teaching, my church needs volunteers… and so it goes. Prioritizing is a major difficulty. My family has always come first in my life. My commitments to fellowship and prayer as well. So writing where do you belong?

At the OCW conference my coach, Mick Silva, encouraged me to look at writing as a ministry…a priority to put God first. My writing itself as prayer… hmmm. It’s a door opening concept that I would like to implement.