It’s been a taxing week. An ordinary week. Household tasks, food prep, child care, parent care, phone calls filled with friends and relatives concerns, media reports of bad news locally, regionally, nationally, worldwide, requests for my time, money, prayers.

“God is in control” I hear again and again, but it upsets me. I can’t see goodness at work. Peace eludes. Truth is muddied. I long for Enlightenment. I crave positive outcomes. I’m tired of bad news:

A friend’s grandbaby in the hospital with pneumonia, another friend diagnosed with Alzheimers, a funeral, a brother terribly mangled in a farm accident, a child in unabated pain needing kidney surgery, an uncle hospitalized with heart failure, another fried diagnosed with breast cancer…

Just my personal friends list of needs could fill pages. It’s one week.

How does God keep track of it all? “His eye is on the sparrow” the song goes…He sees each one that falls. “All creation groans” the bible states… Yes, yes it does.

Oh God lift my eyes to the heavens that I might meditate on your handiwork, see the smallness of our needs against the vastness of your power. Would You please act on behalf of your people, bring healing, peace, deliverance, light, truth, HOPE.