air; exchange blue blood

filled with toxic gases for Red

oxygenated cells—Cleansed heart muscle beats, pulsates

fresh Spirit through arteries to the far reaches of the soul, head to toe redemption

It’s a grey day, entering fall/winter season often sets my mind in negative downward spiral. Worse days to come, cold, hard season of brown and dirty white. Media brings bad news: natural disasters, political sniping, sniper shots in school yards, malls, highways, neighborhoods, distant wars. Phone calls from friends in hospital, some depressed, children in hospital, some dying. Reminds me of past life as Respiratory therapist trying to revive souls with AMBU bag. Failure = death. Sometimes we brought folks back, more often not.

Present Culture of Death weighs heavy. Hope, LIFE is so needed.

Jesus said, “I came to bring life, abundant life.” Spirit of the Living God, bring your redemption to me, to my family, friends, neighbors, country, Your world. Deliver us from the enemy, the evil, that holds this world in bondage. Let Your kingdom come. Your will be done here, now. Breathe on us Breath of God, fill us with the energized, oxygenated blood of Christ. Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus. Come.