to deep—

Darkness looms…

overtakes reason

until flint strikes Rock, sparks ignite,

inner flame flares; God’s grace reformulates thoughts aright.

Oil of Holy Spirit sustains fire of thankfulness, praise, worship, trusting attitude.

Enemy will not prevail over heaven’s brilliance

Light reveals, fire refines, warms


deep to deep




I have several friends that feel overwhelmed over life circumstances to the point of deep despair. This causes my overly sensitive heart to sink beneath their pain at times. God calls to us in times of darkness. He calls us to trust. He also provides friends to help carry the burden, so the load is lightened. One friend said, “Sometimes you just need a good cry” and I would add: sometimes we need to cry in the presence of others who care and can pray for God’s goodness to rise to the top. God can reach deeper than our deepest need. He upholds us. God is for us, with us, surrounding us. The depths of despair can bring one to new heights of trust. His Spirit fans our spirits into flame so that we believe in His great love and sense His comforting Presence.