I Want to Hear God’s Voice

O God what language do you speak?

English, French, Hebrew, Greek?

“The Lord utters His voice—the whole earth shakes—”

mountains skip, waters roar,

trees clap hands, fields rejoice,

sun pirouettes, four winds sing.

O God what language do you speak?

Spanish, Swahili, Dutch, Japanese?

The Lord utters His voice—the peoples shake—

climb new heights, roar with pleasure,

clap with exuberance, jump with joy,

dance pirouettes, sing with praise!

O God what language do you speak?

Tribal tongues, Arabic, German, Chinese?

The Lord, utters His voice—darkness shakes—

evil spirits lose their place, roar displeasure;

Satan flees. Freed souls leap in delight,

Minds comprehend, sing sweet release.

O God what language do you speak?

Angelic, poetic, silent touch, felt Presence?

My Lord, utter Your voice—make my world shake—

cause me to fly, roar with compassion

live in hope, whisper Your grace,

Sway my soul with songs of highest praise.

Judy Lloyd Anderson