The country once known as Christian, or at least “God-fearing,” has become a “secularist” nation, say the pundits. Laws once based on Mosaic law particularly The Ten Commandments recorded in the Bible are being replaced bit by bit with relativistic mores that suit our times. The separation of church and state originally intended to keep the government from forcing people to follow a church run by the state are now interpreted to mean there can be no Biblical laws or expressions of Christianity displayed in the public arena. Millenia of accepted right and wrong are being discarded, with new “fairer” laws (determined by the amoral majority, or by whatever appointed judge happens to sit on the bench, or the current commander at the helm of government or the military, or the whims and choices of those who rule the media and publishing worlds) enacted.

Behaviors and actions once considered shocking are now labeled as an illness or considered culturally diverse. Behavior that even a generation ago was considered disturbing, disgusting, unacceptable is now funny, clever, avante garde.

It grieves my heart, my mind, my sensibilities.

Underwear models parade their “fashions” on television in prime time. Nudity and sex can be viewed at all hours of the day and night on network and cable stations. Language that would make a “sailor blush” (as my mother would say) is consistently heard in movies, sitcoms, “comedy” (that isn’t funny) routines. Violence, murder, irrational behavior is continual TV fare. A man is suspended from a popular reality TV show (Duck Dynasty) for making statements in a magazine interview (true to his Christian belief system) that “offended” the powers-that-be at their network.

Sin being called sin is usually offensive to the sinner. Why was Jesus killed? He offended the authorities with Truth…He was Truth. Why was John the Baptist killed? He confronted the appointed Jewish king, Herod, with the truth that his adultery did not please God. Greed, hate, violence, murder, stealing, lying, cheating, fornication, homosexual acts, adultery, slander, do not please God. There are many listings of behaviors that provoke God in the Bible. He sent the LAW to reveal what is NOT pleasing. He also gave clear guidelines as to what is pleasing to HIM. Of course, Scripture is not quoted on the talk shows or the sitcoms, or the movies as truth. If it is quoted at all, it is in a negative, sarcastic, condemning, belittling manner.

I am sick of it. I am sick of being bulldozed by bigots who call those who believe God, dogmatists, homophobes, racists. I am tired of being sidelined as a believer in Jesus Christ, as a follower of God, as a lover of Truth in the Person of Christ, of believing His Law of goodness and love, gentleness, godliness, righteousness, integrity, honor, joy, hope. Christ came into a world of darkness, violence, and despair to bring the light of life. It once burned brightly in our land. We Christians need to stand up to the powers of darkness that wish to snuff out the light of the gospel. We celebrate CHRISTmas because Christ came into the world as a babe, as one of us.

He, who lived a sinless life, who loves sinners, died so sin might be put to death. We who believe in His goodness must stand up for Truth. GOD made the law. Not men, not governors, not high society. I once had no concept of sin. I did not know its definition (living short of the glory of God) until Christ captured my heart. Our job is to believe Jesus, the Word made flesh, and to live in a way that brings joy to our Savior. Our hope as Christians is that each person may come to know the love God has for us, no matter what our failures. The really good news is He doesn’t want to leave us stuck in darkness and bondage. He offers his very Spirit to set us free to live a godly…good life.

Longing for Emmanuel, God with us, to come again, to set this nation free to celebrate Christmas.