Dead mice stink!

Droppings gag me, urine ruins antique lace in drawers,

Tiny Claws spin embroidery thread into kaleidoscope nests.

Chocolate intended for Christmas fudge nibbled through;

Holiday wrapping paper nibbled too.

Daily I shudder to check Ten traps!

Dread finding despised furry (once thought cute) creatures.

Spend Hours cleaning every cupboard, drawer, nook and cranny.

Grocery woes: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables…

Rotten raspberry taints box,

moldy blueberry infects pint,

brown bananas leak on counter

Reeking potato ruins bag and dinner

Spend Hours cleaning refrigerator, drawers

Christmas Eve thief prowls neighborhood

wields secret key remote, searching for victims

Daughter’s car chosen

Hand made, carefully chosen gifts

clothes for kids, parents, grandparents


Spend hours cleaning out Anger, fear, violation, disgust

News headlines: Planes downed by storms

Police shot by thugs. Thugs shot by police.

Terrorists set free to kill again. Christians martyred.

Children killed by crazed “caretakers”

Babies boiled by ex-boyfriends in bathtubs

Girls bought and sold for X

Women beaten by “lovers”

Drug addicts confess theft, homelessness, abuse…

one, two, ten times in treatment

Spend hours thinking God forgives, supernaturally heals

but some things are just rotten.