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Time– such an elusive thing. I remember reading poems and short stories in college on the topic with youthful oblivion. Now it’s primary. Days fast approach an end, life takes longer to manage and years pass faster than I can remember details of days and seasons. Children grow two, three, five inches in a year, then grandchildren do the same.

Day 1 of Creation, God made day and night, according to Genesis 1:3. Apparently it was God’s first action after brooding over the void. I wonder how long the first day lasted, how long the first night. Thousands of eons? Millions of eras? Billions of years?

Then there was day and night and a revolving planet and water and landforms and creatures and people who lived for hundreds of years before breath-spirit left their bodies.

Womb-time: Nine months to perfectly form another being, made of egg and sperm, female and male genetic codes spliced together, then splitting into complex multitudes of cells, making one new whole.  Muscular forces push new life through narrow passageway stretched to its limit, from watery darkness to distant light, Spirit-breath fills lungs with third part, breath…breath of God.

Is eternal passage similar? Does Nature reflect Spirit realm as philosophers and theologians have proposed through the epochs?

Time management becomes more difficult with age. Life less hectic does not translate to more ease. Eight months I have not blogged. Perhaps it’s time for birth of a new life? One can always hope for a miracle. Sarah laughed at age 90 when God said she would yet birth a child.

Hope. I need hope, the promise of achievement.

Many travels and moves have sidetracked my hope. But I will remember Sarah.